Another Leader / Transitory Suppository: Act #I Security Research, a collaboration with Nástio Mosquito

A large format foldout supplement specifically addressing the tensions

surrounding Botrovia's global security policies. The supplement is distributed as part of Mosquito’s Artes Mundi 7 exhibition at Chapter Gallery (Cardiff, Wales) and as an insert in the November/December edition of CCQ magazine.

The supplement content includes three elements:

  • A constructed dialogue with Mosquito’s fictitious character, A. L. Moore Interviewed by CCQ.
  • Photographic shoot with A. L. Moore and school age teenagers.
  • A series of descriptions on A.L. Moore’s personal security protocols
  • along with policies devised by Moore’s candidate for the Minister of Security,
  • Ric Bower .



The full piece may be viewed as PDF here:




Another Leader / Transitory Suppository: Act #I Security Research (full spreads and details), Nástio Mosquito, Supercharger-blown collective, CCQ Magazine and  Another Africa,  2016, offset litho print on 90gsm coated paper,  62 cm x 82 cm, edition 3000