A film by

Supercharger—blown collective & Nástio Mosquito

Influence is part of BATOTASTAS, a Nástio Mosquito recipe for TTTAW performed at the Black Box Gasteig Munich as part of Spielart 2021 by Nástio Mosquito .




The bitter taste of mediocrity lingers in the mouth of Joseph Lingenfelter, a middle aged lecturer at a bottom-feeding university. When he realises that his current role as academic manager, to a ‘cash cow’ degree course entitled Optimising Behavioural Consumerism will represent the pinnacle of his academic career, something inside him snaps.

Joseph has developed a single insanely logical idea, a thesis that refuses to be contained within the confines of academic propriety, a theory that he could never have kept to himself.

The film joins Joseph at his retirement party; and it does not take long before his peculiar homily unfolds.


In their short video work Influence prevailing societal attitudes to migration, integration, (and perhaps more significantly, the theories that are constructed to justify them), are interrogated by Supercharger—blown collective & Nástio Mosquito.


Concept by:

Nástio Mosquito & Supercharger – blown collective


Performed by:

Jasim Mahdi as Jasim

Dheyaa Najm Abed Al Ameeri as Dheyaa

Anwar Alahmad Almohamad as Anwar

Ric Bower as Joseph

Dashier Alexsander as Dashier

Nasser Saleh as Nasser


Script: Ric Bower

Directors: Ric Bower & Christopher Holley

Cinematography: Ric Bower & Mahnaz Baoosh

Sound Design: John Meirion Rae

1st Camera: Mahnaz Baoosh

2nd Camera: Ilia Mameev

Audio Mix: Marie Tueje

Gaffer and Focus: Auday Alkhayat

Editing & Colour: Ric Bower

Production Management: Amber Bower

Special thanks to the Asylum Seeker and Refugee charity Oasis Cardiff