Sleeping Pill Action II, Venice,  a collaboration with Jan Fabre


Whilst Jan Fabre was in Venice for the opening of his exhibition Glass and Bone Sculptures 1977–2017, (a Collateral Event of the 57th Venice Biennale), he was invited by Ric Bower  to recreate his 1991 performance Sleeping Pill Action (V).

Between midnight and 1am Fabre took Lormetazepam sleeping pills, and then strolled around Santa Maria della Salute; as the pills took hold of him, he collaborated with  in the production of five formal portraits. The portraits were presented in CCQ Magazine alongside excerpts from Jan Fabre, Journal de Nuit (1978–1984), in which Fabre documents his own chronic insomnia.

Venice, 13 May 2017







Sleeping Pill Action II (performance), Venice, Jan Fabre,  13.5.2017, Salute, Venice, Duration ±1 hour


Sleeping Pill Action II (portraits), Venice, Jan Fabre and Ric Bower,  2017, pigment print