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Emma Watkins Speaks to Ric Bower and Fagot Koroviev  Why Now Magazine,

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Easy Asylum Booth 'Bundu Edition' will culminate in a 360 livestreamed performance (hosted by Axisweb)  and a short film early in 2021.



For his presentation entitled Easy Asylum Booth, ‘Bundu Edition’ the artist Ric Bower, (in collaboration with the Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito), posits a provocative vision for the fictitious nation of Botrovia’s asylum policies.

Bower is currently working with Amir Karimi, an Iranian robotics specialist, to develop a ‘tattoo drone’ commissioned by the Botrovian Ministry of Immigration (trading as SooS®️, or Skin of our Skin®).


The project is centred around Fagot Koroviev (Bower), the Botrovian Minister of Security’s proposal that refugee status in Botrovia is freely available to any non-Botrovian born applicant who is willing to sign over a portion of their skin for Koroviev to draw on, with his tattoo gun.


 In-so-doing Koroviev transforms the ephemeral, and swiftly-executed gesture, of a life-drawing warm-up exercise, into a permanent tattooed statement on the volunteer’s skin.


‘high demand is anticipated so we have automated the process for your convenience’:


To meet the anticipated high demand for asylum claims to Botrovia, (and because of the impossibility of maintaining social distance whilst tattooing), the Botrovian Ministry of Immigration (trading as SooS®)  are working hard to automate the tattooing process by fitting tattoo guns on robotic arms to a fleet of specially adapted drones.

The SooS®️ drones will  be operated centrally by Koroviev and his team, dropping out of the sky into strategically placed, pop-up ‘Easy Asylum Booths’.

The applicant will receive encouragement during the tattooing process from A. L. Moore (Mosquito), Botrovia’s illustrious leader, via a recorded message piped from a bull horn attached to the nose of the drone.

Once the tattoo has been executed  the applicant will immediately, and without even a hint of bureaucratic procrastination, receive full refugee status in the Nation State of Botrovia.


The UK ‘has been chosen’ to host ‘a Botrovian PR coup’:


Koroviev has chosen the UK to showcase Easy Asylum Booth ‘Bundu Edition’ both because of its physical and cultural distance from Botrovia and because of the UK’s particularly uncivilised approach to implementing their asylum policies.

And to demonstrate his absolute confidence in Botrovian technological prowess Koroviev has volunteered his own back to be the site for the world’s first drone tattoo.

This groundbreaking technological feat (and certain PR coup for SooS® the Botrovian Ministry of Immigration) will be realised as a 360 live streamed performance on the digital platform for artists Axisweb along with a short film, created in collaboration with the Welsh filmmaker Pete Telfer, early in 2021

Bower will also be working alongside a small team of Iranian and Afghan expats (domiciled in Cardiff) to realise this great Botrovian vision for SSI (Significant Societal Improvement).




Easy Asylum Booth, ‘Bundu Edition’ is produced in partnership with Oasis Cardiff, the refugee and sylumseeker charity. It is supported by Arts Council of Wales and  the arts charity Axisweb








Easy Asylum Booth ‘Bundu Edition’